3-Stud Accessories


GP-EX3-A/S Photo

  • Designed specifically for Sony PMW-EX3 camera
  • Enables to use 14.8V lithium-ion batteries for extended run-time
  • Additional counter-balance on the shoulder, especially with heavier lens options
  • 14.4V output via PowerTap connector for lighting

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  • GJS-T: Wireless receiver bracket


GP-A photo

  • Mounts on the camera to provide a quick and secure connection with 3-Stud Batteries
  • GP-A includes a powertap port to power an on camera light
  • XP-A adds a Data I/O camera connection featuring Automatic Light Control(ALC)
  • ALC automatically turns the light on/off in conjunction with the Camera record


S-GP-A photo

  • Temporary solution to allow the use of 3-Stud Batteries on V-Type Camera Plates
  • Can also enable you to charge 3-Stud Batteries on PRO-X V-Type chargers


GP-TA photo

  • Mounts Directly to your existing 3-Stud plate
  • Batteries ARE NOT 'Stacked on one another, so you can easily remove the depleted battery while leaving the other battery connected so there is NEVER DOWN TIME.
  • Two XP-L90 Batteries supplies you with 180wh of power at only 5 pounds
  • Two XP-L130 Batteries supplies you with 260wh of power at only 6pounds


GP-LA Photo

  • Mounts Directly to your existing 3-Stud plate
  • Features Power Adapter and Battery Charger
  • The External Power and The Mounted Battery Provides Uninterrupted Power Solution
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