XP-L70V Photo

Capacity: 70Wh
Voltage: 14.8v
Weight: 0.64Kg
Size: 159 x 85 x 50mm
  • Work with GP-DV-S/SE/P/C or GP-EX-S to supply power for 7.2V or 14.4V DV camera to extend runtime
  • Can also be used and charged as normal brick battery
  • The quick release plate can be used to install wireless receiver, hard drive or other equipments, can also be used to connect 2 batteries physically (no circuit connect) so one battery for camera and another for other equipments
  • Power Tap socket built in
  • Both sides have 1/4” 20 mounting holes reserved for installing other equipments
  • 4 Stage LED Power Gauge display, offers an accurate reading of capacity in 25% increments